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An experienced wine educator and presenter, Jerry offers educational, entertaining wine seminars, trains restaurant wait staffs, blogs and writes regular columns for several magazines and newspapers, consults with restaurants on their wine selections, and has published several books. He also hosts wine tastings for parties in private homes, and at
many charity events. His audio-visual presentations on wine appreciation are widely viewed.

Jerry “de-mystifies” the subject of wine. His books, articles, and live presentations provide wine lovers with information and insights that add elegance and fun to every lifestyle.

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Are you a wine snob?

Cork Dorks and Grape Geeks

One day, countless thousands of years ago, somebody put a bunch of grapes into some kind of bowl. The fruit got crushed and the yeast on the skins acted on the juice, which spoiled in the most delightful way. Thanks to the accident of fermentation, a lot of people got happy.

The making of wine is an incredibly ancient pursuit. It’s a sacrament to some of the world’s major religions, and, in the last thousand years or so, has become part of what we usually call the finer things in life. Wine is a cultural artifact, and it communicates something about where the grapes were grown and about the people who …

Wines of the Week

Enjoy the latest Wine Whisperer discoveries. If you can’t find them, contact Jerry.

These are our discoveries and recommendations only. We have no financial involvement with any of the wineries we recommend.

Sosie Pinot Noir Spring Hill Vineyard Sonoma Coast 2015 ($43)

From the Petaluma district, this blend of three Pinot Noir clones is loaded with rich aromas and flavors of strawberry and raspberry.  There’s an Old World touch of warm earth and nicely balanced acidity throughout.  WW 89-90

Siduri Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2017 ($30)

In case you’re wondering, Siduri in literature is the bartender of the underworld.  But winemaker Adam Lee’s Pinot Noirs are always otherworldly.  The Oregon soils and climate give the wine aromas of cranberry and plum rather than strawberry.  The acidity is bright, with a medium mouthfeel and very soft tannins.  WW 91

Azendia Agricola Binomio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva 2015 ($52)

This relatively recent brand (1998) has made its mark with a rustic, earthy style, ripe tannins and intense blackberry and strawberry aromas and flavors.  A serious wine, capable of aging.  WW 92

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