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Old World vs. New World…

Here’s a simple explanation of the difference between so-called Old World and New World wines…the flavors, the traditions and the labeling.

How To Read a Wine Label

Jerry de-mystifies the decoding of wine labels. Finally, you’ll be able to make a good guess about what’s really in the bottle.

Corks vs Screw Caps

The debate rages on: corks vs screw caps. Which side are YOU on?

Cost vs Quality

There’s a tremendous disconnect between how much a wine costs and how it’s rated by the critics. Does good wine have to be expensive?

Why does wine have to breathe?

Some wines need to breathe…others need artificial respiration. Find out more…right here.

Andrea Robinson’s “The Three Gs”

If you know about the Grape, the Ground, and the Guy or Gal who made the wine, you can pretty much figure out what’s in the bottle.

The Five Flavors of Wine

Here’s the secret to recognizing and appreciating ALL the flavors and aromas of your favorite wines!

All About Decanting

Here’s what we all need to know about decanting wine. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Bring Your Own Glasses!

Do you bring your own glasses to restaurants? Do they look at you funny if you do? Here’s why it may be a good idea.

Malbec is All the Rage

The Argentinians are going nuts with Malbec, producing bold, juicy wines from a grape that has its home in the south of France.

Cabernet Franc Gets Respect

Fun with Zinfandel

Zinfandel is “America’s Grape.” Here’s why!

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